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“We are excited to share our international journey with you and keep you updated with our progress, new innovations and solutions for our clients. Despite the challenges of 2020 we have provided rail solutions to clients in the USA, Australia, New Zealand, Malaysia and Canada. 2021 looks like a very promising year to achieving even greater things.”

“Our mission is to combine our passion, experience and agility to deliver truly innovative solutions to infrastructure clients on a global basis, delivered with utmost integrity – this is the McCulloch Way.”

– Billy McCulloch


Mike Smith

Head of Business Development

Mike Smith has over 30 years’ experience in procurement, supply chain, logistics, product management and business development within the defence, aerospace and rail industry. Whilst with McCulloch International, Mike has influenced the expansion and globalisation on infrastructure with solution offering and all associated innovative technologies through the head of business development role.  

“I joined the McCulloch team in August 2019 having been excited by their highly progressive, motivated and entrepreneurial culture.  Being part of something so disruptive and transformational brings fun to every day.  If it’s fun, it isn’t work!” 

Alan McGradey

International Equipment Technician

Alan McGradey is International Equipment Technician for McCulloch International delivering and maintaining a high standard of service through training and technical aftersales support – ensuring the client is satisfied with service and equipment McCulloch International can offer. Alan brings a wealth of experience from different mechanical and engineering backgrounds after working 15 years in Agricultural, plant and biomass equipment.  

“I joined the McCulloch International team in June 2020, being excited by the innovative and progressive attitude of the team. It is inspiring to be part of a team with such passion for innovation, product development and customer satisfaction.” 

Ross Jarvie

International Equipment Technician

Ross Jarvie has previous expertise in engineering having worked as a mechanical and electric engineering in the Royal Navy for 10 years. Now working with McCulloch International, Ross’ role is to deliver a high standard of excellence directly to the client through training, support and engineering knowledge – ensuring the client is satisfied with the products and services McCulloch International have to offer.  

“I joined the team in January 2020 as the global reach of the company allowed me to continue an international career. The passion for innovation and development within the team really grasped my attention, and as the team evolves, so does my enthusiasm for the role.” 

William McCulloch

Business Development Manager

William McCulloch has over 15 years’ experience working on railway infrastructure and major projects internationally – having delivered McCulloch products for projects in USA, Canada, Australia and New Zealand. William has watched the business grow from a small family business to a company realising its global aspirations – which has been very exciting.  

“My current role is the Business Development Manager at McCulloch International, I am involved in all aspects of helping the business grow including supply chain management, product design and development, business strategy and leading the teams in territory.”

Ian Morgan

Head of Engineering & Innovation

Ian has over 30 years’ mechanical engineering experience in the haulage, quarrying and rail industries. Having worked for Network Rail, he brings a wealth of experience of engineering compliance and a great reputation in the UK rail industry from involvement in numerous industry bodies such as the RPA and M&EE Networking Group.

“I joined McCulloch in October 2019 to help support the groups growth both in the UK and Internationally by providing new and innovative products to improve safety and productivity, this is an exceptionally exciting proposition”

William Jordan (Billy)

Development Manager

Billy Jordan previously had a successful career in Mechanical engineering in the British military. Having worked for McCulloch Rail for 9 years and gained extensive knowledge of all plant capabilities before transferring across to McCulloch International working on finding innovative solutions for the ever growing customer base.  

“I am directly involved with all aspects of the solution-based innovation that McCulloch International brings to their customers. Some of these solutions are now working in the United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and Asia.”



TRT Deployable Ramp is created.

We are delighted to design and deliver our deployable ramp to our customer in North America to allow machines to be deployed safely in a tunnel eliminating manual methods.


MMPV receives full Network Rail approval.

McCulloch International were delighted the MMPV received full Network Rail approval to allow us to utilise the machine to deliver cable drums for the project we were delivering with Network Rail. The MMPV delivered 11 drums in the same 4-hour possession under liver overhead live wires. The MMPV has a newly integrated system, performed a stability testing in house and had an ECC re-issued to perform these new tasks.


Trac Cable Transporter.

The start of 2021 started strongly working with Network Rail to design a brand-new product to enable laying of cables for the maintenance teams under live overhead wires reducing the risk of activities which involved up to ten staff and possible injury due to heavy manual handling. The product development process from concept to working prototype took 14 weeks demonstrating the capabilities S&C Engineering had brought to the McCulloch proposition.  The project was a huge success with the Track Cable Transporter (TCT) delivering up to 5,500 meters in a 4-hour midweek shift.


First deployment into Malaysia.

2020 ended strongly with our first deployment of machines into the Asian market delivering machines into Malaysia to assist with critical rail works. We were delighted to be able to help our customer with TRT’s, Rail Trolleys and a Panel Lifter system. Modified Rail Trolley systems were completed in a tight timescale.


McCulloch Group acquires S&C Engineering Limited.

The acquisition of S+C Engineering enables us to deliver a full solution provision, to clients across the rail, defence, aerospace, utilities, production and food industries.  The combined strengths, coupled with our experience, enables us to assess client challenges and develop solutions through concept, design, development, and repeatable manufacture.


First & Second deployments into Canada

McCulloch International and Unipart delivered our first machines into Canada in October 2020, delivering our newest version of the Panel Lifter to move 82.5ft heavy concrete panels on a major programme of works in Toronto.

McCulloch International delivered 4 x TRTs to our customer based in Toronto to allow critical rail projects to be completed.


First deployment into New Zealand

McCulloch International are extremely proud to have supplied our first machines to New Zealand to help complete a major project for our customer. 


First deployment in Australia.

McCulloch International and Unipart Rail deliver their first TRTs to Australia in March 2020 which is very exciting for the partnership.


Year of the International shows.

McCulloch International and Unipart Rail attend International rail shows in Minneapolis 2019, Sydney 2019, and San Diego (Jan 2020).


Unipart deal signed to deliver the McCulloch TRT globally.

As we started to grow, we quickly realised we needed to scale up quickly to meet the demands of an International marketplace We needed a partner who could help us manufacturer products and deliver them worldwide allowing us to focus on designing and building new products. The Partnership with Unipart Rail was formed.


First deployment to a Major railroad in the United States.

After a successful show in Chicago. McCulloch International flew TRT’s and personnel to Georgia U.S to deliver the TRTs for our first Major Railroad in the U.S.


Arema 2018 Chicago – Our first International show

McCulloch International attend their first International rail show in Chicago U.S.


On-going success with New York City Transit

After the initial success of the TRTs working for New York City Transit, McCulloch International received an order for 4 more TRT’s. 


The birth of McCulloch International – The first McCulloch machines sold internationally.

After initial talks while Billy McCulloch was on holiday in New York City, we were very proud to deliver our TRT’s Internationally to New York City Transit in 2016. After spending some time training the team in New York City and seeing the machines work on the tunnel systems we were convinced the machines could work all over the world.McCulloch International was born.


TRT 50 was created marking how far we have come from the initial design. The image below shows TRT 50 standing next to TRT 01


McCulloch Rail designed the Heavy Duty FLASS (Panel Lifter) the concept behind the Panel Lifter was being able to complete the work of much larger machines in a much more accessible machine.


McCulloch Rail designed the Fine Line And Sleeper Spacer more commonly known as the FLASS. The FLASS is easy to operate and can increase productivity whilst reducing manual handling.  


W&D McCulloch invented the first Trac Rail Transposer (TRT). The TRT was developed in Ballantrae and designed to remove and install rails eliminating manual handling. s.

1992 – 1998

Billy and Danny McCulloch started W&D McCulloch selling saw dust door-to-door with the help of the Princes Trust receiving £40 a week – then moving into tree cutting and grounds maintenance. By securing trackside vegetation clearance work helped to further invest in plant equipment as the business grew. The first Unimog was purchased in 1993 for tree cutting on the railway named “Mary-Mog”. The W&D McCulloch yard and office space was purchased in 1998 – which continues to run to this day.