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McCulloch TRTâ„¢ Jib Arm

The Jib attachment is a versatile crane fitted to the back of the TRT™, designed to cover many areas across rail environments offering advantages over conventional methods due to the rubber tracks allowing the TRT™ to be positioned almost anywhere whilst under Live Overhead Power, on or off track.

Features & Benefits 

  • Can lift a maximum weight of 990kg at 1.21 metres and 350kg at 4 metres.
  • Great for the removal and installing of points/switch motors or materials.
  • Fitted with a load limiting device to reduce overloading. 
  • Arc of slew to protect operator.
  • Adjustable attachments allow multiple lift uses.
  • Can work under Live Overhead Power.
  • Can completely eradicate the need for manual handling.
  • Restrictions are in place to ensure TRT™ cannot be operated while jib is use.
  • Fully remote controllable (manual controls are available).
  • The TRT™ with the Jib can access almost anywhere due to the TRT™ design.                         
  • Makes handling materials and equipment much more easier.
  • High reach up to signal heads, boxes and cabinets. 
  • Large radius slew from track to wide way.
  • More maneuverable in tunnels, subways or restricted areas.