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McCulloch MMPV

The McCulloch Multi-Purpose Vehicle (MMPV) is a self-mounting, self-propelled, self-loading platform which can be used for various tasks and adapted to suit the customers’ requirements. 

MMPV features & benefits 

  • 30 tonne carrying capacity. 
  • 40-foot (12 Metre) deck length for loading. 
  • Fully certified to work across the rail network including under live Overhead Line Equipment (OLE) subject to Engineering conformance certificate (ECC) limitations. 
  • Designed to be used where possession times are short or difficult due to train movements as MMPV can self-mount/dismount from the line.  
  • Does not require conventional access point . 
  • Link with other MMPV’s to create rolling workstation. 
  • Be fitted with mountable modules, Crane, Pressure washer, People carrier, Vacuum etc. 
  • MMPV can be preloaded on or off track prior to shift starting in order to maximize possession time. 
  • Tow trailers in order to support work activities, subject to ECC limitations. 

Performance Characteristics 

Operation – Self driven platform 

Track work – Wet bed repairs, Scrap recovery, Rail renewals and transport, S&C component repair, Sleeper replacement, Welding, Ballast movement, Vacuum excavation and replacement etc. 

Vegetation work – Tree Cutting, Flailing, Chipping, Weed killing, Line side clearance etc.  

Civil Works – Concreting, Material Handling, Cabinet Placement, Lineside Furniture, Handrail fitting, Toughing placement, Structure construction and repairs. 

Miscellaneous – Cherry picker (MEWP), OHL Cable runs and repairs, S&T runs and repairs, S&C motor repairs etc. 

Ancillary works – Water Jetting, Vacuum Cleaning, Drain Clearance, Plant Transport, people carrier, Lighting towers, Service source etc. 


The MMPV is fully approved for use on the UK Rail network by Network Rail and the London Underground network.