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McCulloch Panel Lifter

The Panel Lifter revolutionises the method of removing and installing rail panels/sleepers swiftly and safely with maximized efficiency.

Features & Benefits 

  • 18 tonne lifting capability.
  • Panel lifters are completely remote control, creating an instant exclusion zone and eliminating any handling issues.
  • Fully certified to work across the rail network including under live Overhead Line Equipment (OLE) and any line open working (ALO).
  • A fully loaded Panel Lifter System can turn in any direction whilst in motion.
  • Variable track width allowing access and use in narrow environments such as bridges, tunnels and cuttings.
  • Can work on any gauge with no additional or conversion costs.
  • Ideal for removing/installing panels on a single line.
  • Can easily cross multiple tracks including areas with conductor rails.
  • Can work with all types of panels.
  • Compact size and maneuverability enables easy transportation, rapid deployment and demobilisation.
  • A panel lifter system of 2 machines can be used to move panel lengths of up to 90ft (27 metres) long. More machines can be added to move longer panels.

Performance Characteristics

  • Operation – Fully remote controlled.
  • Track Gauge –  The Panel Lifter Machines are designed to work any gauge of track with wooden, concrete or steel sleepers/ties.
  • Transportation –  Compact size and manoeuvrability enables easy transportation, rapid deployment and demobilization from a standard lowloader.
  • Gradient – Travels safely at gradients of 11º before alarm setting is enabled.
  • Cross Tracking – Can easily cross all types of rail track.
  • Recovery Method –  In the event of an engine power failure, the Panel Lifter can be moved off the rail infrastructure utilising the approved and supplied recovery system.


The McCulloch Panel Lifter is fully approved for use on the UK Rail network by Network Rail and the London Underground network as well as networks in Australasia, North America and Asia.EU Stage V US, Tier 4 Final compliant engine limits emissions expo