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McCulloch TRT™ Rail Ramp System

The Rail Ramp revolutionizes the method of deploying TRT’s and other equipment swiftly and safely from a rail car to track level. 

Rail Ramp features & benefits 

  • Limited manual handling. 
  • Ramps deployed and equipment unloaded in under 2 minutes. 
  • Ideal for the delivery of equipment in a tunnel environment. 
  • Can work on any track gauge with no additional conversion cost. 
  • Easily and swiftly deployed using a TRT or manually. 
  • No assembly or dissemble time. 
  • No lifting equipment required for unloading machines. 
  • Provides safe access to rail car from track level. 
  • Can carry machinery up to 5 metric tons in weight and 1800mm wide. 

Performance Characteristics 

  • Operation – Deployed using TRT 
  • Transportation – Can be used on any type of flat rail car. 
  • Recovery Method – In the case of no TRT to deploy or retract ramps, the process can be done manually.