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McCulloch Rail Trolley

The McCulloch Rail Trolleys have been designed to carry a substantial amount of weight safely whether it being new or scrap rail, block joints, switches and crossings, new or old panels and sleepers/ties. This allows maximum production whilst providing a great working efficiency.  The Rail Trolley system has recovered tens of thousands of tonnes of scrap rail across the UK and proves to be a preferred method. 

Features & Benefits 

  • Safe transport of new and old panels, maximising output while minimising risk of damage. 
  • Approved to work under Live Overhead Power. 
  • Suitable for delivery or removal of all rail profiles, switch rails and crossings. 
  • Approved to work Adjacent Line Open. 
  • Any length of rail from 15ft up to 709ft (216m) can be transported any distance, in gauge. 
  • Can carry up to 30 x 60ft (18m) rails 
  • Panels can be stacked up to four high 
  • Each trailer can carry up to 50tonnes  
  • Push or Pull method with air brakes  
  • Ability to carry over 160 concrete sleepers/ties across 5 trolleys 
  • Can be transported under live overhead power any distance, in gauge through stations, subways, switches, bridges or structures and unloaded at a desired location.   
  • Loading panels straight onto the Rail Trolleys allows the site to be cleared soon as the panels are removed, increasing overall efficiency and offering a safe but quick method.  
  • Air braking on each wheel across every trolley and a manual method to lock the brakes whilst stowed.  
  • Solar powered Red and White aspects for night time visibility  
  • Hooks and tether points back and front to interconnect rail trolleys when empty to prevent any run-away